segunda-feira, 8 de junho de 2009

Teens behavior.

There is not such a dificult task than growing up teens currently. Internet, nightclubs an drugs are taking young people to death. What t do?
First of all, laws must be reviewed, parents must talk to theirs children about love, respect, religion, God and anothers value which have despeared. society must understand that this is a social problem and must be solved by the community at all. everybody must be envolved. our teens are lost, desperate screaming for help. we are listening to them. what future will they have? none, if we don't do anything.

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  1. Oi Samuel!
    Tens razão, nossos jovens de hoje estão perdidos, sem saber oque é limite, descencia, respeito, etca, moral e bons costumes por falta de orientação, principaqlmente dos pais... O grito de socorro deles se reflete às malésias que se vê na TV e se ouve no rádio... Violência, Drogas Prostituíção.... E a sociedade está parada vendo e ouvindo o clamoar deles, sem nada fazer!!! Uma braço da Mafa

  2. Hi Samuel,
    I am an English teacher at Heriberto Hulse school. I am also a mother almost a teenager mother because my daughter has just turned 9. I believe that love comes with limits otherwise this new teenager generation won't know what is the difference between the right and correct. They also have to understand that we have to respect each other no matter where you are.And also they have to learn to value each moment of life....
    I liked your theme...